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Thursday, February 24, 2005



Well this is one Canadian who is at a bit of a loss for words, though like a lot of us I rarely make the time for pollsters. Anyway, I went to the Post article to see if they had the question asked, but no; it would be nice to know if the pathetic response reflected antipathy towards the US or towards positive interference in undemocratic countries. Perhaps a combination of both. But most people probably read this question to be, do you approve of George Bush? Unfortunately, I find many Canadians have yet to appreciate Pres. Bush's many fine qualities. They can't see his intelligence and, in many cases, respect his faith.

You use the right word to describe the situation: resentment. People resent the rival who seems closer to the centre of things than they are. For many Canadians, any question to do with the US prompts knee-jerk resentment. God I hope it is just this and not deep-seated antipathy towards the idea of building democracies in this world.

In any case, the 1968 generation is on its last legs and the cultural/intellectual scene in Canada now is rather vacant and primed for a new paradigm. We have a history of following the US in such matters, only ten years behind. So don't give up on encouraging your Canadian friends to see the light. Americans are, on the whole, great people and doing good in the world.

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